Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Major Raffle Drawn

The Team Booger Mobile major raffle for 2010 has been drawn by Gazza - the president of the Caloundra City 4WD Club Inc (of which Scottie and Damian are both members).

The first ticket was drawn.... and it was...

Ticket 0225 - John A!! Congratulations John, you are now the proud owner of a framed and signed Olympic Shirt from Duncan Free - 2008 Gold Medallist in rowing!!

The second ticket was drawn... and it was...

Ticket 0230 - Peter G!! Congratulations Peter, you are now the proud owner of two Wilson K-Force Tour tennis racquets!!

The third prize ticket was drawn, and it was...

Ticket 0080 - Annette K!! Congratulations Annette, you've won a Garmin GPS72 personal GPS!

Many thanks to all those who bought tickets, and to those who donated the prizes.

Congratulations to the prize winners... again, they are:

1st prize - Ticket 0225 - John A
2nd prize - Ticket 0230 - Peter G
3rd prize - Ticket 0080 - Annette K

1 comment:

  1. Well done TEAM BOOGER MOBILE.
    Three very lucky people have each won themselves
    a great prize,while helping to raise funds for Camp Quality.
    A big thank you to Gazza for drawing out the winning tickets.
    Thank you Damian and Scottie for making it all possible,doing it for the kids.