Friday, 10 September 2010

Flash new air cleaner...

With the esCarpade now under five weeks away, it's really time for the boys to get their butts into gear and get Booger Mobile sorted out once and for all!!

Damian spent the day running around getting bits and pieces, and of course, putting Booger Mobile back together!!

First up - painting the new custom made air cleaner! Heat proof silver for the underside of the bottom part (on the right hand side), and fake chrome for the top!

The newly welded and painted custom accelerator cable bracket was also reinstalled...

Damian went to the auto parts store to buy a new air cleaner filter element, and lo and behold, they actually had in stock a K&N 75mm high filter element (which is exactly what Damian phoned and asked for the other day only to be told that they didn't have anything like that!)

The excitement with this is twofold... firstly K&N filters are lifetime filters that you can wash out and put back on, rather than the single use paper filters that are the cheaper variety, and secondly, the chrome top from a filter Scottie bought from the markets one day fit perfectly!!

Here's a nice close up...

Damian took Booger Mobile for a (nervous) test drive - about 60km in all. Booger Mobile went beautifully, except for running a bit rough when started hot - this should be resolved next week when Damian drops Booger Mobile off to Barry Mac for him to work his magic!!

The reason for the extended test drive was to pick up the item below...

Not sure what it is? You'll have to check out the next couple of blogs to find out!! (Hint: there are two of them!!)

Scottie is due down on Saturday morning to get some of the scrutineering items sorted out - stay tuned for another blog post!!

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