Monday, 13 September 2010

More stickers...

While Damian was out visiting Acreage Driveways on Sunday night, Elli and Steve delivered the latest sponsor sticker for private sponsors Denise Gadsden, Catherine and Paul Price.

Before taking Booger Mobile to Barry Mac, Damian figured he had best get the sticker on the car!!

This is the spot they chose - the top of the driver's side rear door.

And the sticker is peeled and wet down, ready to be "wet stuck", which allows for the sticker to be slid around to ensure it's nicely lined up.

Peeling the paper off...

And voila!! One shiny new sticker is attached!!

After this, Damian took Booger Mobile to spend the week with Barry Mac. The next update will most likely be when it returns (unless something exciting happens in the mean time)!!

1 comment:

  1. WOO HOO
    Always great when a sticker for one of BOOGER MOBILE wonderful sponsors arrives.Even better when its on the Booger.
    Who ever said red and green should never be seen, thats looks fantastic, as do all of Booger Mobile stickers.