Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Vibration fix and new headlight!

Tuesday rolled around, and Damian had to go onsite to work, but when he returned home, Booger Mobile was waiting to be worked on. Tasks for tonight were to try to resolve the busted driver's front window (again), remove the new bracket that the boys put on on Sunday as it was causing some geometry issues for the transmission, and making an awful vibration and noise, fix the headlight, and anything else that doesn't take too long!

There is also one startling piece of news to share - Damian measured the distance travelled and the litres of fuel used while driving around on Monday, and it turns out that Booger Mobile is currently performing at an ATTROCIOUS 23 litres per 100km. This is insanely high, and indicates that something's not right.

Damian noticed on Monday while Booger Mobile was up on jack stands that the front wheels didn't spin freely - it actually took two hands to rotate them. Scottie suggested this is possibly an indication that the brake calipers on the front need reconditioning... Damian will drop Booger Mobile to a brake shop in the near future to get that resolved... more money flying out the door!!

First job tonight was to remove the underbody protection plate, as it's in the way of the bracket Damian needed to remove!! Once all the nuts and bolts were removed...

Damian painted them black!!

He also took the opportunity to remove the door trim etc and look into why the window kept dropping it's winder track...

Here's the underbody protection plate removed - an easy job even for one person!

Headlight repair going on - because Damian noticed on Monday that the driver's side headlight had blown it's low beam...

Works a treat now though!!

With the new headlight installed, Damian took Booger Mobile for a test drive - the geometry of the transmission shifter was greatly improved, and the vibration and noise was gone!!

He took the opportunity to check and tighten the sump bolts on both the engine and the transmission (the transmission ones were particularly loose - they probably vibrated loose on Monday), before reinstalling the underbody protection plate!

This last shot is for Scottie, and shows the gap between the engine sump and the underbody protection plate... about 10-15mm.

The list of tasks doesn't seem to be getting any smaller, but some items are being crossed off... problem is, new items are being added at the same time!!

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    Why oh way are things so hard,task after task is finished and then like a slap in the face,more and more tasks get added to the must finish list.The Camp Quality will soon be here, and now it is found that you are a petrol guzzler,with only 23 litres to 100 kilometers,Booger Mobile won t be traveling very far.Oh well just another problem to be fixed before the esCarpade.
    Damian had to go work onsite all day and then come home and work on the Booger Mobile,working late into the night Damian managed to work on a few of the tasks that needed to be done,as the picture show how much he achieved,great job there Damian.
    The excitement is building and it won t be long before Team Booger Mobile is at the Camp Quality esCarpade, doing for the kids.
    Thank you Damian for all your hard work on Booger Mobile today