Saturday, 11 September 2010

Side trim and front tow hitch...

Saturday morning arrived, and Scottie was due to come and do some work on Booger Mobile for the first time in a couple of weeks (since his Hilux debacle). He'd missed so much - the new exhaust, the accelerator cable debacle and ultimate resolution, the custom air cleaner and flash K&N filter...

Scottie arrived shortly after 7am, and after having a cup of coffee and general chit chat about what they wanted to achieve, the boys headed to the shed.

Scottie pulled a plan out of his pocket - he had actually drawn out something before making it!!

After explaining the plan to Damian and some minor technical adjustments, the boys headed out for a drive in Booger Mobile to the auto store, hardware shop and steel shop.

While out and about, they went past a couple of sponsors' workshops, so dropped in to see if anyone was there. Sadly, Craig from Blow-In Shopfitting wasn't there (although a couple of his staff were who came out to check out Booger Mobile)...

Scottie took the opportunity to check how the bits of steel that were purchased would fit underneath Booger Mobile...

Before they headed across the street to Drift Bodyworx (Trent wasn't there and the workshop was all closed)... Damian will stop by to visit them another time (if there's time before the esCarpade)!!

Heading back to Team Booger Mobile headquarters, Damian advised Scottie that the first "quick" job for the day was to investigate the broken window winder on the driver's side front door. It had come adrift while Damian was winding the window up on Friday. The window had always been a little on the tight side...

Damian had a brilliant idea for making clips to hold the side trim on with... he bought some metal strapping with holes in it (it probably has a name, but noone really cares what it might be), and using some snips left behind by Jason from Jason Sheather Plumbing (Damian wonders if he's missing them!!), Damian cut out some pieces the right width for the trim.

He then gave them to Scottie so that Scottie could weld some small bolts onto them...

And this is how they fit in the back of the trim!!

Scottie continued to work on the broken window winder... he discovered that the little fling flang at the bottom track that the winder goes in had broken it's weld... understandable given that it was only tacked on, 46 years ago!!

He grabbed a bit of grease for the side tracks to see if the window wanted to play a little nicer...

Damian angle ground the welded bolts to smooth the back off, then lined them up on the first side trim (chrome strip) - the rear quarter panel on the driver's side!!

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, along with the loss of one 8mm ring spanner that disappeared into the bowels of Booger Mobile never to be seen again, the chrome strip was attached!! Damian's idea was a roaring success!!

Having got the hang of it on the driver's side, Damian attached the passenger side without the loss of any equipment (although he did drop one nut down into the depths of Booger Mobile).

Having given up on the window winder for a short while, Scottie decided to get started on the front tow hitch. This is a removeable tow hitch that is a requirement of esCarpade for if Booger Mobile becomes completely incapacitated and requires permanent towing by their recovery vehicle (using a hard tow setup). Hopefully it won't be required for Booger Mobile...

Scottie measured the spaces etc... the Team Booger Mobile motto - measure with caliper, mark with crayon, cut with axe!!

Damian decided that the next cab off the rank was the passenger side rear door...

The passenger side trim strips (chrome strips) were now complete!! They do, however, need a good polish after sitting around Damian's shed for so long!!

Scottie continued to measure, weld and angle grind the front tow hitch...

Scottie gave Damian a demonstration where the tow hitch will go.

And from a slightly different angle...

This is how it fits together... the part that is being held by Scottie is where the hitch itself slides in. It sits in the notched out section of the part sitting on the concrete...

Like this...

And the vertical bit is used to bolt the whole contraption to the underside of the front of Booger Mobile.

Like so!

From this angle you can see the section that bolts up through the front.

This is how the whole thing looks on the ground. It's just been tacked together by Scottie with his welder. He is going to take it to his work and ask nicely if he can weld it properly with their you-beaut-big welder!

Damian continued attaching chrome side trim strips, completing the driver's side rear door. Only two to go - the driver's side front door and front guard!!

The whole day had snuck by again, and Scottie had to leave to collect some bits and pieces (along with borrowing Damian's trailer to do stuff on the Hilux). On Monday, Booger Mobile will be going to Barry Mac's for some TLC - tuning like a champion!!

Four and a half weeks till esCarpade... aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!


    After what seems like an eternity Scottie has returned to work on the Booger Mobile,even though his hilux is still off the road, he just had to get back to working on the Booger Mobile.
    After one of Damian's great coffees and a catch up on what had been happening and what the plan for the day was,Scottie surprised Damian when out of his pocket he pulled a plan, yes you heard right Scottie had a plan for the removeable front tow hitch, well done Scottie thats awesome.Talking about awesome how about the fantastic job Damian did making the clips for the chrome strips.
    Two AWESOME guys doing a AWESOME job getting the BOOGER MOBILE ready for the Camp Quality esCarpade.
    Isn't it just wonderful that you can just jump into the Booger Mobile and drive down to get the parted needed to work on it.
    What a shame that neither of the sponsors were in when you dropped by for a visit,I m sure they both would have loved to have seen how far Booger had come.
    Now Damian you know that nothing is ever quick on the BM,but Scottie got right into the task of the broken window winder,but with the age of the small parts it was no easy task, so after getting a fair way along but not quite able to finish it off Scottie had to put it on the back burner for now,as there was the hitch to be made yet.So with a measure here and a cut there Scottie soon had his masterpiece made,doesn't it look great, now just to take it to Scottie's work and get a proper welding job done on it.
    Great days work once again thank you DAMIAN and SCOTTIE.
    Excellence pictures that always help to tell the story of the days work on the Booger Mobile
    Hope all goes well with your Hilux Scottie, looking forward to the next exciting adventure of TEAM BOOGER MOBILE

  2. I jut did my back in working on the Lux, and I'm having trouble locating an engine crane, so the Lux is on the back burner for now. The "BM" will get done in time for esCarpade I'm sure.... other things will just have to wait.