Saturday, 6 October 2012

LED's, Lights and Laughter!!

Today's blog post brought to you by EVO Security - Elite Venue Operations.

Vivien returned to Team Booger Mobile HQ (aka Damian's shed).  The first job for the day was to go on a shopping trip, and after going to three different auto parts stores and a hardware store, all was purchased!!

Vivien's contribution to Booger Mobile was a nice new amber rotator (seen later in the blog) and these awesome green fluffy dice!!

They can have pride of place in the passenger side rear window!!

Vivien set to work attempting to resurrect some LED lights on Booger's head, while Damian removed the old amber rotating light.

Amazingly, the new light's holes line up perfectly... what are the odds????

Viv doing some tricky soldering...

Meanwhile, Damin replaced the end caps, now nicely painted and looking much more at home!!

With the resurrection a complete failure, it was decided to simply replace the entire strand of busted lights...

Viv tries Booger's head on for size...

Oh, this angle is much better... as you can see, she's actually in there soldering and wrapping wires!!

Meanwhile, Damian decided that some tek screws would be just the thing to stop the roofrack mounts from sliding around the place... they aren't providing any structural assistance, just stopping the lateral movement caused by bumpy roads... hopefully!

Damian's mother in law dropped by (posing with one of his kids) to donate some money to the Team Booger Mobile fuel fund...

With the new amber rotator and LED's fitted, it was time to see if Booger's head would fit out the shed door after the suspension lift (and  the new rotator is slightly taller also).

So close... but no...

It looks like it will make it from this angle, but the one above shows the true story.

Time to drop the water from the radiator and add some coolant.

Still draining...

In with the coolant...

Not any old coolant, but Sin Coolant!!  Always good to have your sin cooled!!  Probably what's used when hell freezes over!!

Today was also the day that Catherine and Paul would be coming for a BBQ, bringing with them their fuel fund tin that they have each year in conjunction with Catherine's mother Denise.

There's the tin... the dent is apparently from Denise accidentally sitting on it!!

Damian taking the job of opening the tin seriously...

Tin full of cashola!!

Making a little money mountain!!

Whoa... lots of cash!!

All sorted and counted... there's an amazing amount of money to help with Team Booger Mobile's fuel for the trip!!  Should purchase a number of tanks full!!

The BBQ was joined by Elli and Steve (who have done a lot of the stickers on Booger Mobile), who dropped around some iron-on transfers for Damian...

Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting instalment!!


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