Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Rear Suspension... finally!!

The day had finally arrived for Booger Mobile to get some new rear springs, to raise the back up so that it sits level with the front (or there abouts).

Damian was up early to take Booger Mobile to the suspension place!!

The green felt did a sterling job of keeping the reflection off the windscreen (from the sun shining on the dash), although the sun wasn't particularly bright!!

A snappy few shots of the car pre-new suspenion on the back!!

Passenger side...

Close up of the wheel arch on the passenger side.

The following photo was texted to Damian by one of the blokes at the suspension place.. Looks fantastic, doesn't it??

Damian left work early to go and collect Booger Mobile... what a difference!!

Look at that ground clearance!!

After driving home, the suspension had settled a little... the driver's side seemed a little higher, but that could just be because there isn't a boot full of stuff yet!!

The passenger side is still plenty high enough!!

Nice, shiny new leaf springs!!

So, where's the debacle I hear you asking?  There simply MUST be a debacle - it wouldn't be the Booger Mobile blog without one!!

Funny you should ask...  Apparently, even though they had passed scrutineering, there were some bushes that had too much play in them for the suspension place to do the wheel alignment, so some new bushes were in order...

Naturally, there will be a blog post when Damian gets time to fit them...  There are a couple of other things that need looking at also, but these will become apparent as the week progresses!!

Stay tuned!!  One week and a matter of hours until Damian leaves on esCarpade... hopefully with Jason onboard!!

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