Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Pretty much all packed - hope everything's there!!

Damian is sitting down to write this blog post a few short hours before he leaves to collect Jason and head down to Newcastle for the 2012 Camp Quality esCarpade!!

Step one - get Booger Mobile out of the shed so that Booger's head can be attached...

Front half attached and spare fuel stashed!!

Rear half attached and lights being tested!!

Rear part of Booger's head...

Nice and shiny...

And reversed down in front of Damian's house, ready for a 4am rollout to go and collect Jason!!

Some reference shots now for comparing the new suspension... Driver's rear.

Passenger side rear.

Passenger side front...

Driver's side front...

Booger's head looking nice and clean!!  Won't last long!!

Tricia decided to get in on the action, plaiting up a booger-green wig for Damian to take away with him.

That's it... short and sweet!!

The next blog post will be from Newcastle - the 2012 Camp Quality esCarpade is finally here!!

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