Sunday, 23 October 2016

esCarpade 2016 - Day 1 - Dinner and some action footage

Damian and Adam headed to the wild west/cowboy/dodgy fishing hat (as someone cruelly said to Damian) night at Jindabyne.

The entertainment was a mechanical bull - Johnny Dominello gave us a good demonstration of how it's done...


Yep... that's how it's done!!

Unfortunately, Damian's back is giving him grief at the moment, so he was unable to give the mechanical bull a try... what a shame!

In unrelated news, Damian and Adam located some dashcam footage of interesting parts of day 1.

First up - the first causeway of the 2016 esCarpade...  There's a nice splash photo from the photographer - Damian will receive a copy of that in due course.

Secondly, there was a deeper causeway with flowing water in it...  Booger Mobile performed very well...

Lucky last - there was an unmarked hazard just around a corner... the lesser of two evils was to aim for the rut on the right hand side - seemed a better option than the large pothole on the left that looked to have very nasty sides on it...

The blank part of this video is where Damian's "choice words" were edited out... You can rest assured they were along the lines of "Oh bother, that was a little nastier than I thought it would be!"

Thank goodness for Booger Mobile's new heavy duty suspension...  Don't panic - even though the steering seemed a little off immediately afterwards, by the time the clumps of mud had fallen off, it was all back to normal!

Sleep time for the boys in chilly Jindabyne - stay tuned for day 2!!

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