Thursday, 27 October 2016

esCarpade 2016 - Day 5 Dinner and a few videos

Damian and Adam headed off to dinner looking pretty chuffed with themselves...

The venue was crowded and very noisy with the people talking and the band playing...

Heading back to the hotel, Damian noted just how badly he had parked now that the carpark is empty - ever notice how if you line up off another car and they move, it makes your parking look terrible?

Lastly, a couple of videos that Damian uploaded but hadn't yet sent out links to...

The first one is a segment from Day 2's drive between Lakes Entrance and Foster, sped up at 4x speed.  Hilarious if you listen with the sound on, but gives a good indication of what the roads were like on Day 2.

The second video is even more hilarious, and is a snippet of navigating excellence...  The funniest part about the whole thing is that Damian says that he will check the video, only to find that the crucial segment of video was missing (they had just restarted after fuelling up, and the video takes a while to kick in).

The boys hope you are enjoying the videos - it takes a bit of time to sift through and find something useable and interesting.

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