Sunday, 15 July 2012

Block continued... lots of bits to attach!!

Sadly, the rest of the bits of the engine weren't going to attach themselves, so Damian headed up to the shed to sort them out.

On went the fuel pump and distributor.

New studs in the top of the head for the carby to attach to, and a new brake booster vacuum fitting.

On went the starter motor... Damian even stumbled into accuracy getting all the wires attached to the right spots!!

And then the alternator.

Unfortunately, the bolt that the alternator adjustment bracket attaches to is a tad dodgy - it was repaired as best could be achieved, but the recommendation from the engine builder was to find another bolt to attach it to...

Like this bolt...  Except the bracket is too short.  What to do, what to do?

Angle grind!! 

And through the magic of the interwebs - voila!!  It looks a bit odd, but functions perfectly!!

On with the engine fan...

In with the radiator...

Throw some new ends on the thermo fan...

And some matching ends on the wires from the relay...

And the thermo fan is installed!!

And a snappy self portrait from Damian to round things out!!

So the block and sundry attachments have all been installed, ready for the head to be attached.  Jason is still away working, so Damian is likely to tackle this task during the week... stay tuned!!

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  1. With all the bits and pieces that are going in and out its lucky Damian has so much free time on his hands ( yeah sure he has lol )
    The esCarpade is getting ever closer and Damian has no time to waste if he wants to be ready on time it is a must to do all the fiddly things until Jason has the time to come and help Damian reasemble the engine.