Monday, 9 July 2012

Gold Sponsor - Kumho Tyres

Team Booger Mobile are stoked to announce their next Gold Sponsor for 2012 - Kumho Tyres!!

Kumho Tyres provided the original six R700 rally tyres for Booger Mobile back in 2010.  Two of them are still pretty good, having been spares that ended up on the car towards the end of the 2011 esCarpade...

For 2012, Kumho Tyres have provided four R800 rally tyres!!

The difference in tread pattern is noticeable - the R700's (on the left) are symmetrical, whereas the R800's are an asymmetrical tread pattern, meaning that the tyres come in left and right varieties.  The one in the image below is a left hand tyre.

Next time you are in the market for new tyres, go with those who support Team Booger Mobile - Kumho Tyres!

Visit Kumho Tyres on the web by clicking here:


    Its really great to be welcoming back on board, the mighty Booger Mobile the wonderful sponsor Kumho Tyres.Booger Mobile will be roaring along the highway on the great R800's Kumho tyres.
    thank you

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