Monday, 2 July 2012

Engine block out... again!!

With Damian about to head off to Camp Quality Main Camp (for campers aged 9 to 13), and Jason about to head away for work, Monday night seemed as good a time as any to get the engine block out of Booger Mobile.

Jason borrowed a ute and an engine crane from Gold Sponsor Wadnot Joinery.  Thanks Dave!

There's the engine block...

And the crane attached...

Through the magic of the interwebs, the engine is clear of the engine bay!!

One empty engine bay!!

And loaded onto the ute, ready for delivery.

Ute to ute swapping of the engine block...

So that's that... the engine has gone off to have more work done to it.  Jason has headed off to work, and Damian is about to head to Camp Quality Main Camp. 

Tune in later in the week to find out what happened next!!

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