Thursday, 26 July 2012

Slowly edging towards scrutineering...

With only three days to go until scrutineering, Damian headed to the shed to continue getting lots of fiddly bits and pieces sorted out.

First stop, put on the thermo fan, the air cleaner and check the fluids.  While testing the engine (which started again - yay), test the green lights at the front!!

Hmmm... good oil pressure, but it would seem the engine still doesn't like idling for too long - check out that temperature on the right!!

The engine bay finally looks like an engine bay again... still need to put the air horns back on... oh, and the bonnet!!

Inside, the gear-shift surround had to be refitted.

There it is!!

New amber flashing lights added to the back for safety...

And the airflow redirector flap (that bit of black rubber on top of the radiator) was reinstalled.

Doesn't look like much when it's all in one blog post, but that took a good couple of hours to achieve!!  Time's slipping away... scrutineering is so close!!

1 comment:

    With the scrutineering only days away it was a must for Damian to find time to finish all those fiddly bit,and as you can see there was quite a few of them,but Damian being the wiz that he is managed to achieve to complete a lot of them.
    Well done Damian a great couple of hours work.