Saturday, 21 July 2012

Tyres, tyres, tyres...

Damian was up bright and early to drop the tyres and rims (as arranged) at Beaurepaires Morayfield.

Through the magic of the interwebs, the tyres are back in the car...

And stacked outside the shed...

While the tyres were off, Damian took the opportunity to check the front wheel bearings.  The driver's side needed a little bit of attention.

Hmmm... where does this part go?

On with the wheel...

And nipping up the nuts...

Both front tyres fitted and sitting on the ground.  The height always looks so impressive after it's been jacked up at the front!!  Hopefully new suspension this year will make it sit that high all the time!!

Mighty Kumho R800 rally tyres...

Aidan helping with the undoing of the rear wheel nuts...

And SPIN!! Damian keeps his head well and truly out of the way...

Wheel's off, and all looks good on this side!!

And reinstalled...  four brand spanking new Kumho R800 rally tyres under Booger Mobile, with the two R700's from the rear becoming this year's spare tyres.

Progress is certainly starting to be made now!!


  1. It was early on saturday morning and Damian's mighty patrol was ready waiting with the Booger Mobiles Rims and all of the Kumho tyres in the back.Damian set of to Beaurepaires in Morayfields to have them swapped over.Once that was done it was time to head back to BM HQ to put the new tyres on to the Booger Mobile, and don t that look fantastic.
    Well done Damian great pictures as always won t be long and the Booger Mobile will be roaring down the road on the new Kumho R800 s.

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