Friday, 27 July 2012

Test Drive

Damian arrived home and headed up to the shed - with scrutineering only 2 days away, it was crucial that he took Booger Mobile for a test drive to check that all was well.

First step, throw a couple of spares into the boot (and a subwoofer, but in fairness, it was already there!!)

Check fluids etc, then better put the bonnet on!!

The delightful Tricia helped with the bonnet, and it went on remarkably easily!!

Close the bonnet, it's time for a test drive!!

Check out those flash lights!!

Uh oh... there's a hideous noise coming from under Booger Mobile, like metal grinding on metal...  Damian jacked it up and identified that the noise was coming from the lower bell housing cover.

Damian jacked it up and identified that the noise was coming from the lower bell housing cover.

Having gone back through photos all the way to September 2010, Damian found a picture of the cover correctly installed, and worked out that he had it on back to front...  After turning it around, it was quiet as a mouse!!

Back out on the road for a long test drive... Oil pressure and temperature good, Booger Mobile was driving beautifully!!

Back home...

And more flash lights...

Back in the shed, Booger Mobile looked resplendant!!

Still flashing those lights...

And the passenger side, looking decidedly bare...

Well, it wasn't quite smooth sailing, but all's well that ends well!!  Damian is pretty confident that he will get to scrutineering on Sunday with Booger Mobile!!

1 comment:

    With the scrutineering just around the corner it was time to take the Booger Mobile for a test drive, to make sure everything was running smoothly.
    With the help of his lovely wife Trisha Boogers bonnet fitted perfectly,now it was time to test out the Booger Mobile.But as always something just have to be wrong,a load horrible noise that shouldn t be there, but Damian was able to quickly reciterfey the cause of the problem , and soon had Booger driving beautifully down the road.
    Well done Damian as always doing it for the kids.Thank You.