Saturday, 28 July 2012

Ready for Scrutineering!!

Before attending scrutineering, there were just a few more tasks to attend to.  First, wash some of the crud off from underneath the car from previous years.

Back in the shed, all clean.

Wash off the bash plate too...

Ready to install...

The sticky-beak cow from next door thought the grass really was greener!!

Bash plate attached...

Aidan helping to install the harnesses...

And looking good!!

Air horns reinstalled...

How's that list going?  Ah, didn't finish the lights or clean the shed...  Happy enough with that!!

The boot is loaded up with stuff that might come in handy during the scrutineering day.

And the mighty number 64, aka Booger Mobile, is ready for scrutineering!!

Made it by a good 15 hours or so!!

1 comment:

    With the scrutineering the next day Damian with the help of his son Aidan managed to check of ten of the twelve thing that must be done, to have the Mighty Booger Mobile in tip top shape to pass the scrutineering on Sunday.Luckly one of the things not done was the cleaning of the shed and of course that can be left for another day,but its the lights that may cause a problem,finger crossed let hope not.
    Well done Damian another step closer to being read for the Camp Quality 2012 esCarpade.