Sunday, 29 July 2012

Queensland Scrutineering

The day for Queensland scrutineering had finally arrived. 

Damian got Booger Mobile out of the shed and parked it up, waiting for Jason to arrive.

He noticed that the green LED in the driver's side headlight had decided not to work... typical!!

Still looks resplendant in the cool morning light though!!

And they made it to Kilcoy (after a minor hitch - when they first started driving the tranmission didn't want to play nicely... stopping and putting another litre or so of oil into it fixed it!!  Damian noted that it's funny how he managed to test drive it for 45 mins on the Friday night with no problems, but when it was time to go and they were running a little late, it decided to play silly buggers!!)  There is some video of this, but Damian's internet is playing up, so he can't upload it... pity really!!

Parked with 808 (that regular blog readers would remember from last year's esCarpade being jump-started by Booger Mobile) and Team Afro.

Looking back the other way...

Parked up at scrutineering...

Jason acquired a nice, inconspicuous giggle shirt!!

Uh oh... tragedy!!  Lucky the first aid kit is in there!!  (Don't worry kids, they are fake!)

Booger Mobile was second up on the hoist...

Uppity up up!!

A couple of very minor things to sort out before the esCarpade... the idler arm bush is servicable, but would be best replaced...

The transmission mount is cracked in the rubber section, and best replaced.

Other than that, Booger Mobile is right to go!!

Damian with Ben in their obligatory esCarpade scrutineering self portrait!!

Damian with Julie (fundraising, South Queensland) and Monika (esCarpade) Camp Quality people.

Thanks to Tyrepower Kilcoy for the use of their hoist again this year!!

Oh no, is 808 on fire?  No, Graham was just up to his shenanigans...  already.

Unfortunately, while the other three vehicles (Sharkmobile had turned up for scrutineering also) headed for a drive through the bush to Palmwoods, Team Booger Mobile headed home as Jason had to go to work.

Jason had a turn driving on the way home...

Damian took some pics from the passenger seat...


Blurry self portrait...


Well, there you have it blog readers... Booger Mobile finally made it to Queensland Scrutineering...  And even more importantly, Gordon (the chief mechanic for esCarpade) was very happy with the overall condition of it!!

That said, there are still a lot of things to do, so stay tuned!!

One last thing - the Team Booger Mobile skating fundraiser is on SUNDAY 5 AUGUST at Sk8mania North Lakes.  Come along and have a skate, with all proceeds going to Camp Quality!!

Hope to see you there!!

1 comment:

    As the Booger mobile waited patienly in Damian driveway for Jason to arrive,so they could head off to the Queensland Scrutineering at Tyrepower Kilroy,Damian noticed that one of the headlight was not working.Wasn t one of the things not checked off yesterday the lights?
    The great pictures show how the Booger passed with flying colours thanks to all the hard work that was done,and Jason even got to have a drive of the Mighty Booger Mobile.
    Well done Team Booger Mobile you should be very proud of your selfs,as always doing it for the kids